Automate IT Service Processes

ITSM box Creatio

The ITSM Box Creatio solution is designed to automate processes related to the provision of it services, analyze these processes, control the quality of services and customer satisfaction

Product structure

Reliable system

Implementation of the solution will improve the speed, flexibility and efficiency of work.

Cost optimization

The solution will be useful for companies that provide IT services to both internal and external users.

Easy migration

Establish a single point of contact with users of IT services, register cases and resolve incidents.

System capabilities

Demonstration of the ITSM box Creatio solution at the open webinar of Terrasoft and IT Expert companies

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Event management

  • Track events in the IT infrastructure
  • Import events from external monitoring systems (Zabbix, etc.)
  • Correlate and classify events
  • Place critical incidents under the control of incident management
  • Look for negative patterns and investigate them through problem management

Knowledge management

  • Reduce support costs by enabling re-use of the knowledge gained by both IT service users and IT professionals
  • Improve knowledge base articles: organize the procedure for preliminary preparation and approval of articles, archive outdated information, collect user feedback
  • Use a convenient built-in template for stylish article design
  • View the published article under the portal user in a separate interface, expand the article to full screen mode if necessary
  • Don't forget to rate articles with likes

Change management

  • Manage all IT changes centrally
  • Analyze and assess risks
  • Plan implementation and negotiate
  • Coordinate implementation and evaluate the results of changes
  • Use templates to accelerate registration, streamline reconciliation routes, and change lifecycle stages
  • Use different change models to adapt to your situation: manage urgent, standard, and routine changes in different ways

Service level management

  • Define service objectives to monitor the achievement of it service quality indicators defined in service agreements (SLA, OLA)
  • Perform periodic monitoring of the achievement of the objectives of the service using control points. Notify performers in advance of upcoming deadlines for completing requests, changes, activities, and visas
  • Generate reports on the achievement of it service quality indicators and manage the expectations of it service customers

News management

  • Inform your employees about the planned work to change IT services, new opportunities for IT solutions, and disasters in the IT infrastructure

Incident management

  • Establish a single point of contact with users of IT services
  • Register cases
  • Resolve incidents
  • Fulfill service requests
  • Prioritize and control execution times according to SLA
  • Place critical incidents under special control
  • Plan, align, and coordinate the execution of standard service requests
  • Monitor external business user agreements (SLAs) with IT and service provider (OLA) capabilities

Accounting for labor costs

  • Consider labor costs for each employee
  • Create labor costs in relation to objects (Cases, Changes, Problems, Activities)
  • Add your vacation, sick leave, business trip, etc. in timesheets
  • Evaluate the deviation of planned and actual labor costs for each employee
  • Customize the periods for generating timesheets. Agree on timesheets

Service catalog

  • Structure and visualize your organization's activities using the service catalog
  • Make the process of navigation in a wide variety of services and services of the company easier, transparent and convenient
  • Group and categorize services according to their semantics. The levels and details of the catalog are not limited
  • Simplify the selection of the required service and service agreement when making requests using a convenient search and navigation mechanism in the catalog
  • After the required service has been found, submit a request for the service or get information about this service

The user portal

  • Use the Creatio portal to establish long-term relationships with partners, contractors and customers. The portal is suitable for a wide range of tasks
  • Control the status of registered requests, leave additional information on the request by adding messages on the portal
  • Create cases in several ways: from the appropriate section, using the multi-level service catalog, from the knowledge base article card
  • Browse and explore popular knowledge base articles from the portal home page
  • View the latest news from the portal, go to the news card and receive full information about the news
  • Use a multi-level service catalog search and easy navigation to find the group or service you need
  • Submit an application for a service, as a result of which the system will automatically fill out the application registration form. Get more information and help on the service you need
  • Use the function of delegating your authority during your absence

SSRS reporting

  • Use the extensive capabilities of SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) to customize reporting forms of any complexity, implement the resulting reporting forms in your Creatio solution
  • It becomes possible to create parameterized reports, related reports, build a wide variety of visualizations, preview the generated report form and upload the result in the required format

Delegation of authority

  • Delegate your authority for the period of absence (vacation, business trip, sick leave) or on a permanent basis to your Deputy
  • Manage delegation settings and decide which rights should be delegated


The module's capabilities allow you to obtain accurate and up-to-date data on the configuration of the hardware and software of the IT infrastructure.


  • collection of inventory data from various sources
  • normalization and categorization of source data
  • aggregation of information from external sources
  • monitoring the availability and performance of IT infrastructure

Implementation of the Discovery module allows clients to:

  • obtain reliable and accurate information about the configuration and location of IT assets
  • control unauthorized devices and prohibited applications
  • reduce the risks of investing in IT projects by providing accurate data for calculating ROI and TCO

No-code tools to simplify and automate model requests

No-code tools allow you to:

  • solve typical tasks arising in the automation of ITSM processes by setting up and configuring, without using low-code tools and programming (maintenance goals, coordination schemes, route maps, substitution tables, object templates),
  • automate the most common IT management processes in accordance with ITIL® 4 recommendations.

Benefits of using no-code tools:

  • significantly reduce the cost of implementing and maintaining IT management processes,
  • reducing the cost of the payroll,or reallocating significant specialists to other IT tasks,
  • improving the overall economic performance of the company.

The value of ITSM box Creatio for Business

Significant reduction of implementation time

Increasing transparency in terms of staff loading

The ability to automate all service departments of the company

More than 18 years of ITIL expertise in one working tool

Increase the speed, flexibility and efficiency of work to solve business problems in the field of IT service management and process automation

10 reasons to choose ITSM box Creatio

  • Ensuring business continuity and efficiency
  • Flexible scalability of the system at any stage of implementation
  • Cost optimization
  • Increasing the productivity
  • Improving the quality of service
  • Flexible integration capabilities
  • Getting a complete picture of any process or service
  • Providing the latest information in real time
  • Individual customization of the system for the customer's business tasks using wizards for setting up functional blocks
  • Soft integration


ITSM Box Creatio cloud

on-site subscription

1 152 $

Per user per year

Exchange rate

USD76 р.

Technical support

Working days9:00 - 18:00
gmt +03:00

The price include

5 hours of technical support

Advantages of the base platform Creatio from Terrasoft

The Low-Code BPM platform allows advanced users to automate any process

Vertically integrated products

Microservice architecture

Using open-source technologies

Visual interface editor

Support for different DBMS

Customizing integrations

Open api and integration features

  • Advanced tools for working with data and Analytics
  • Scalling out and fell-safe system
  • Seamless installation of updates
  • Mobile app customization
  • Package mechanism
  • Implementation of ci/cd approaches
  • Security at all levels
  • Working in the cloud and on-site

A platform for automating business processes of any complexity

  • A full-featured workflow designer with support for BPMN notation, which makes it equally easy to automate complex structured and flexible unstructured processes
  • A powerful execution engine allows you to perform millions of operations simultaneously
  • Visual tools for analyzing, finding bottlenecks, and optimizing processes

Ready-to-use templates
and extensions

The Creatio Marketplace online platform contains hundreds of ready-made solutions with the necessary business logic, connectors, extensions, and templates for Creatio.

Instead of setting up and developing an application from scratch, you can use the Marketplace to immediately get a ready-made result, speeding up the adaptation and implementation of the system at times.

Customizing integrations

Thanks to the tools for working with web services, the user can configure the service parameters and the scenario for receiving and transmitting data to another system in a few minutes.

The configuration does not require writing code and is available to users without programming skills.

Research and Development Center — a new direction in the business of the company IT Expert, accumulating the accumulated experience and proven expertise of a leading company in the field of IT management in Russia.

Within the framework of the Research and Development Center the following products have entered the market: CPI box Creatio - a multidimensional tool for building a system of continuous improvement and evaluating the capabilities of IT management processes, and the solution in the field of IT Asset Management (ITAM) – Asset box Creatio, which is a tool for automating 3 processes: license management, IT asset management, and configuration management.

However, the first proprietary solution of the Research and Development Center was the basic product in the field of IT Service management (IT Service Management) - ITSM box Creatio, which was announced in January 2020. The solution has been successfully implemented in a number of large Russian companies.

Advantages of working
with IT expert

Assessment Support Strategy Implementation

IT Expert experience

  • The company was founded in 2002 and until now is the leader in the market of consulting and training services in the field of business process management
  • IT Expert has unique experience in participating in programs to improve the management of information and related technologies in large Russian organizations
  • IT Expert solves various tasks in projects and performs key roles: manages the course of programs, carries out independent and field supervision, provides key expertise, provides directional consulting
  • For 18 years, the company has completed more than 500 consulting and audit IT projects
  • IT Expert employs more than 15 ITIL certified experts

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